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PhDr. Václav Smetáček "30–110"

This Web site is intended to commemorate and pay tribute to the many-sided personality of the Czech musician – oboist, conductor, pedagogue, composer – PhDr. Václav Smetáček on both the 30th anniversary year of his death and 110th anniversary of his birth.

It draws upon Smetáček´s private archive and estate, which will be deposited in the National Archives (of the Czech Republic) (with the exception of his discography, which has been acquired by the Music Department of the Prague Municipal Library).

The three databases – OBOIST, CONDUCTOR and DISCOGRAPHY – are searchable for any of Smetáček´s performances as oboist or conductor as well as his recordings for the Supraphon label. The databases include over 700 concerts by Smetáček as oboist and 2,000 performances as conductor.

The GALLERY includes photographs, audio and video recordings. Most of the audio recordings and films were never published and are drawn from Smetáček´s private archive. For the adaptation of the audio recordings we would like to thank Mr. Jürg Vollenweider from Switzerland. The films were digitized by Pragafilm.

All the original tapes and films are deposited in the National Archives along with the rest of Smetáček´s estate.

The DOCUMENTS contain a selection of papers, manuscripts and press coverage of Smetáček´s lifelong artistic career. Given the quantity of materials to draw upon, these pages will be updated on an ongoing basis.


The project is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and is being undertaken in collaboration with the National Archives (CR) and Supraphon a.s.


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